Dragons Cove is an ideal blend of current digital technology and traditional analog sounds. Using both the industry standard Pro Tools format and the equally recognized Sonar format, we can generate a product that can be translated well into any other recording platform - or import projects that have started life in other facilities.

Those who understand the recording process realize that the quality of the signal path is critical to the final quality of any recorded performance. Dragons Cove has a wide array of high quality microphones and pre-amps to assure that any sounds created and recorded will be clean, clear and pristine (or distorted beyond all recognition if that will enhance the final product).

The main room serves as a comfortable and functional control room. Several sets of monitor speakers and power amps allow for effective tracking and accurate monitoring/mixing. Much time, effort and expense was committed to room treatment to create a listening environment free of excess room reflections, bass pockets and all the other audio gremlins that can compromise the quality of an audio mix. The isolation room serves as both a comfortable vocal booth and to isolate guitar cabs.

Artists often want or need a space that enhances their creative process. Often, recording studios are large, brightly light rooms that can be intimidating to artists who have not spent significant time in the studio. Dragons Cove has been designed to be a very warm, creative environment. Room treatment includes artistic fabric designs, numerous pieces of "pop art" and various colored, filtered lighting to make the studio feel more like a comfortable entertainment room, rather than a cold, intimidating corporate studio. However, the décor remains more than sufficient to provide a professional environment for corporate clients.