There is a distinctive difference between cost and value. If something costs a lot, but it does not satisfy you, there is no value. However, if something does not cost a lot but provides you with a deep and lasting satisfaction - then there is great value.

At Dragons Cove, we strive to bring value to every project we pursue. We want our clients to be fully satisfied. We take pride in providing value. We are very aware that our name is associated with each project that we accept and our reputation is always on the line. Providing value to our clients also provides value to Dragons Cove. Your satisfaction leads to our satisfaction.

What is the value point? That point where the cost and the satisfaction match effectively? We have found we cannot establish precise "one size fits all rates" since projects can range from a full audio production for radio jingles or music soundtracks for film to a local singer/songwriter who needs a rather basic demo or something as easy as a recorded voice over for "books on tape". Our hourly rates normally range from $25 per hour to $45 per hour, depending on the complexity of the project, the amount of equipment used on the project, the amount of time the project is estimated to require and the length of the business relationship with the client.

Larger projects can purchase "blocks of time" to achieve cost savings and projects with the flexibility to be scheduled during slow periods can also result in cost savings. Long term clients are given certain financial considerations (reduced costs).

Production costs to hire outside talent and/or rent or lease specific equipment for a project will be billed on a "cost and material" basis with a minimum mark-up.

It is important to point out that there are certainly some very good studios in the Milwaukee area that charge as much as $100 or more per hour. Some national studios have microphones and/or pre-amps that cost more than a midsized sedan and studio space large enough to accommodate a full symphony orchestra. However, the fact is most projects do not need what a $100 per hour studio can offer and the client can quickly spend much more than they want to (or need to) - so there is no value to the client.

That is not the approach Dragons Cove chooses to pursue. We focus on providing value and a comfortable environment - to help the artist create.