Dragons Cove has a wide array of acoustic and electronic instruments, a large collection of synthesizers, several sampling devices and an extremely large inventory of sound disks - to reproduce or create any sound that you may imagine. See a listing of our equipment capabilities elsewhere on this site.

Having access to instruments and sounds means nothing if they cannot be utilized effectively in a wide variety of genres. All of us here at Dragons Cove are very proficient musicians with decades of studio and live performance experience in almost every musical genre in the western world as well as various Latin American, African and Asian genres. As importantly (perhaps more importantly), we are very knowledgeable in the technical nature of the equipment and are equally skilled as engineers, producers and sound designers.

In house, we have the chops and recording skills to provide quality recordings of well played and creative tracks of guitar, bass, keyboards, pedal steel, lap steel, violin, harmonica, drums and percussion. Naturally, with today's world of synthesized and/or sampled sounds, we have access to any other instrumental sounds that your artistic vision may require - from various ethnic instruments to entire symphony orchestras to any sound effect you may hear. Through our long standing relationships with other studios and music stores in the area, we can access almost any specific equipment that we may not have in house. We also have access to a large group of musicians, vocalists and voice over talent to provide whatever performance capabilities a project may need or which may exceed our in house capabilities (we're good, but there is always someone better).

If you hear a sound or envision a musical creation - we have the skill and equipment to produce what you need.